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The internet is a rapidly changing environment. New devices to view websites on appear on an almost daily basis from the latest smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops to TV's, smart-watches and games consoles.

Fluid websites & flexible content

With each new device comes new screen sizes, resolutions, orientations and functionality. To be able to keep up with a constantly changing environment websites need to adapt to the device they are viewed upon.

We develop all of our websites using Responsive Design methodologies such as Mobile First, fluid layouts, unobtrusive JavaScript and Progressive Enhancement.

Our websites are designed to have flexible layouts, simple navigation and prioritise content so that they have an immediate impact on your visitors wherever they are.

Whether it is viewed on their office PC, lying on the sofa with a tablet or in a pub with a smart phone web users expect fast and usable websites.

Waiting for a page to load...

As the number of people viewing websites on mobile devices increases so does the importance of website speed. Whether it is searching for an emergency plumber, finding a restaurant or catching up with the news on your commute to work, mobile internet users expect websites to load fast.

Slow websites can lead to frustrated users and lost business. So our developers work to ensure that websites are developed to maximise the speed at which they are available to users.

We carefully consider all of the elements of our designs, code and delivery to make our websites as streamlined and quick loading as possible.

Web design is responsive design. Responsive web design is web design, done right.

Andy Clarke

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